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About us

The Interdisciplinary Center „Sciences for Peace" (CISP) is a „University Education and Research Center", submitted to a special regulation issued according to a Decree approved by the Dean on 1st August 2013.

The Center, founded originally (1998) as an Interdepartmental Center, is a reference point for professors and researchers of the University of Pisa who wish to perform research, educational teaching and professional development activities – or more generally a cultural promotion – connected to the building of a „positive peace." The overall aim of the center itself is not only the building of a positive peace in the sense of the realistic/ illusory absence of war, but also the challenge of working for social justice, of managing conflicts in a non-violent way, of refusing the violent instruments and of condemning war in any case.
Only the professors/lecturers of the University of Pisa on tenure (and according to the conventions in force also of professors/lectures of „ Scuola Normale Superiore" or of „Scuola Superiore di Studi Universitari e Perfezionamento S. Anna") can become adjunct member of the CISP. It is possible to collaborate in conventions with other people or institutions which can enable the enrollment of a list of Associated Researchers or Senior Fellows.
Young people performing the National Civil Service, interns and Visiting Professors participate in the activities of the CISP as well.
Until May 2013 a specialized library fund was located at CISP. However, in order to facilitate its use, the library has been transferred as an autonomous fund to the Library of the Philosophy and History Deparment.
The CISP has participated in the Universitary Consortium on Peace research and Conflict Analysis and Mediation - Consorzio interuniversitario di ricerca per la pace l'analisi e la mediazione dei conflitti (CIRPAC).

The CISP in particular:
• promotes, performs and coordinates interdisciplinary studies and research in the area of Peace and Conflict Management;
• promotes and supports experiments and educational initiatives in the area of Peace education;
• promotes, conducts and coordinates interdisciplinary studies and research in the area of International Development Cooperation;
• fosters and coordinates information exchange and initiatives with other partners, both public and private, who are interested in promoting a culture of „positive peace";
• promotes the National and Regional Civil Service.
The organization of the CISP is the following:
• a Council that approves on annual bases the plan of resource management, syllabus planning and following reports;
• a Director, appointed by the Rector, who performs the functions of initiative, promotion and coordination of the activities; represents the CISP, presides and convocates the Council and Committee meetings and oversees the management of the Center;
• a committe which cooperates with the Director in dealing with preliminary issues.
The activities of the Center are are self-financed, i.e. sponsored by third party remuneration or through conventions in collaboration with public and private institutions concerning the performance of institutional activities, and finally, thanks to funds coming from training activities.
CISP has been a professional development organization commissioned by the Region of Tuscany, decree n. 2810, since 17th July, 2013.